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48 x AMMO Blue Clay Jars


48 x Jars of AMMO Blue Clay

Ammo BLUE clay is the toughest but kindest hair styling clay you can buy. It’s our strongest hold clay with guaranteed all-day performance. It has a natural matte finish and can be used on many hair textures and thicknesses. BLUE clay delivers you the ultimate hold whilst caring for your skin, hair and scalp.  

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Key Ingredients

Kaolin Clay

Serves as the perfect cleanser since it won’t draw moisture from the hair.

  • It increases strength and elasticity

  • Absorbs toxins on the scalp and hair

  • Encourages hair growth

Bentonite Clay

Works as a magnet, which draws metals and toxins out of the hair.

  • It balances the body’s pH level too

  • Provides essential minerals needed for your body’s optimum health

  • Leaves your hair feeling smooth, thick, and shiny.

Sunflower Seed Oil

It’s nutritious composition makes it one of the healthiest oils on the skin and the hair

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil and Coconut oil

Has nutritious benefits and will improve the hair moisture and overall health.

Ammo Blue clay features a subtle fragrance of Black Vanilla.

“If your hair is thinning, use a flat palm to apply. This technique will directly apply the clay to the ends and keep the roots fluffy.”

“As Ammo BLUE clay is water soluble it rinses out easily even without shampoo. This is ideal if you have a dry scalp or are prone to breakouts on your face.”

Fine/Thinning Hair - When applied to dry hair, Ammo BLUE gives the look of a fuller style.

Medium/Fine Hair - Can be used to create volume when applied to the roots of damp hair and drying it in with a hair dryer.

Strong/Dense Hair – Best applied from the roots to ends of damp hair to achieve the desired look with ease.