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April 02, 2019

Autumn has finally sprung and what better way to celebrate than a season-appropriate haircut that’s stylish, on-trend and flattering. Not only will a new look provide you an extra spring in your step (pun very much intended), your brand new haircut will complement your new outfit choices to keep you up-to-date for the spring 2019 season.

When you’re looking to update your look, consult our guide of the top hair trends of the season, and adopt one or more into your daily routine or long-term strategy to really see the benefits. We’ve scoured the hottest looks and trends of autumn to bring you your guide for cutting, styling and maintenance that will last you all season long.


The Undercut

Long gone are the days when an undercut meant a distinctive line between the extra-long top half of your hair and the shaved-to-the-scalp bottom half. Now, an undercut is synonymous with more blended, gradual look. Once the barber has cut it in your desired shape, use a paste or pomade to create a natural flow and volume. Then, it’s just a matter of tousling your locks a couple of times a day to keep your locks on-point.

A soft parting

The ideal hairstyle for when you’re short of time, the soft parting holds its shape even without a blow-drier. This hairstyle looks perfect on both medium and long hair alike, and couldn’t be simpler to do; get your barber to cut the hair into different lengths on either side of your part (don’t forget to tell them what side your hair naturally falls on), and style with a product that adds shine.


Adding a fringe to your hairstyle does wonders for adding movement and body to the style as a whole. And the fringe can take on a whole range of different shapes; it need not be the curtain-like bangs that people commonly associate with the term. Get you hair cut into a style that incorporates slightly longer hair throughout the head, and a shorter tuft of hair at the front that sits flat against the forehead; then, use wax to keep things in place without making it look too forced.

Crew cut

Don’t be afraid of a more dramatic hairstyle; if you’re looking for a cut that’s truly low-maintenance, without compromising on sex appeal, the crew cut is the way to go. Here, the aim is to get everything as close to the head as you like it without shaving everything off completely. The length is up to you, but we think stubbly is best for a 2019-worthy haircut that looks classic and classy all at the same time.

Long and tousled

Although the sun’s no longer out, you can still get away with leaving your hair a bit longer; and if you’re planning to spend a lot of time at the beach, a long mane may suit you well, as the salt water will add to the tousled texture. Try a sweep of longer hair, styled with a wax or pomade for the Prince Charming look, or leave things slightly more unkempt for that just-rolled-out-of-bed appearance.

Try one of these hairstyles and adopt a new styling process into your autumn routine; there’s no better time to shake things up than now, and we’ve brought you the trends to help you achieve the look you want.